Satellite Radio: XM Radio or Sirius

Satellite radio is the hottest trend in radio entertainment for your car, home, and office. The freedom from commercials and static is an exhilarating experience. No longer do you have listen to obnoxious jingles and hot air. No longer are you condemned to choose between dead air and Country & Western when traveling in rural areas.

Commercial-Free, Digital-Quality Sound

All of these problems are solved with satellite radio. And there is nothing else in the radio world that can compete with its digital quality sound. Satellite can provide uninterrupted listening pleasure anywhere in the world.

The only problem is deciding upon which satellite radio provider to choose. The top 2 contenders are Sirius and XM Radio. If you want satellite radio, you are immediately faced with the issue of how to choose between them.

XM Radio, First In The Sky

XM Radio established its presence first, and has a market share of 2 million listeners. XM has had the time to establish an excellent system of 68 commercial-free music channels with an incredible array of music. It also adds 33 channels of news, sports, talk shows, and entertainment to its programming mix. To top it off, XM has revolutionized the satellite radio world by providing 21 channels of up-to-date weather and traffic for most of the major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Sirius, Radio Innovator On Satellite TV

Sirius may be the comparative upstart, but it offers some advantages of its own. New contacts with DISH Network satellite television have given Sirius access to more than 10 million subscribers. It provides more than 120 channels if you add up all of the music, sports, information and entertainment.

For sports, Sirius is hard to beat. It broadcasts live games for professional football and hockey leagues, as well as many other sporting events. Sirius will also be the home of Howard Stern in 2006.

New Technology, New Listening Experience

So, whether you choose XM Radio for experience and staying power, or cast your vote for the innovations of Sirius, there’s no reason to wait. Satellite radio is to broadcast radio as the VCR was to television. You can have it all — without commercials! So what are you waiting for — pick one.

The How To Guide For Ham Radios

If you’ve ever heard ham radios mentioned in movies, you may find yourself a tad confused. “Ham radios!? What do radios have to do with ham? The term “ham” is believed to come from the term “amateur”. No-one truly knows where the true birth to the term came from though, as it’s just one of those things that popped up and the other Amateur Radio users adopted the term.

You may also be wondering, what in the heck are the differences between ham radios and just the typical AM/FM radios that you see at retail stores. The answer to that question is simple. In regards to the basic fundamentals of the Radio Frequency aspect, there is basically no difference! Both types are just pieces of technology that, in essence, receive and transmit signals from one party to another. So in that respect, ham radios and other radios are of the same basic concept fundamentally. There are, however, many differences when it comes to operating procedures and the amount of work you have to do in order to operate an amateur radio. Here are the five major differences:

1. Ham radios require a license. Licenses are required because ham radios operate in frequencies that are capable of talking much further than any regular old radio could. Licenses are also required because ham radios have been used in emergency situations many times. If you, as an inexperienced user, interfere with emergency communications you may be endangering people’s lives. Because of this, the feds have made laws regarding these radios and one of the laws states that you need a license to legally operate a ham radio.

2. Ham Radios are more of a true “two-way” radio communication; in the aspect you are more interactive with the other party. With a standard AM/FM radio in your vehicle, you receive the signal, and the broadcast station “transmits” the signal. These procedural responsibilities are fixated between you and the other user, whereas with a Ham Radio, you and the party at the other end can transmit and receive equally. This creates a more interactive means of communication.

3. Ham radios “talk” in different frequencies/bands than regular AM/FM radios. These bands make it so ham radios can talk much further than you may think. You certainly won’t reach Tokyo from the U.S. on the 2 meter band, but you may be able to do just that if you are operating on, say, the 160 meter band.

4. They are much more expensive than regular radios. Granted, you may be able to find used ham radios that are cheap, but generally they tend to cost more. Ham radio equipment adds up because you have to buy many different types of equipment to make them work properly and to maintain their functions. Regular radios usually come in an all in one, ready to use package. Ham radios are different! You’ll find yourself buying a transceiver, a power supply, a SWR (Standing-Wave-Ratio reading) wattmeter, and cables. The price adds up!

5. You generally have to do extra antenna work. You can either build one from scratch, or install one that comes commercially made. Most “real” amateur radio operators prefer to build their own from scratch. This is cheaper, but there also comes a sense of pride of designing, building, and installing your own radio antenna!

Please don’t let these five major differences scare you away though. With a ham radio, you can keep your family safe in case of an emergency, you can talk with people and make some new, interesting friends from around the world! Ham Radio is also a hobby where you can have lots and lots of fun and learn a thing or two in the process. You’ll also find forum after forum online with tons of useful information regarding ham radio equipment. Don’t let it boggle your mind! Take it one step at a time. Read a post, digest it. Read another post and then make sure you truly understand what is said. Rinse and repeat! You’ll soon find yourself on your way to become a ham radio expert. Good luck!

The author is an avid Ham Radio Operator, and maintains a site about Ham Radio Equipment and related gear. For those looking for more info, may visit his site which is dedicated to the hobby of amateur radio and equipment thereof.

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Used Carpet Cleaning Equipment

There are various kinds of used carpet cleaning equipment on the market today. To determine what is best for the carpet cleaning owner depends on the kind of carpet cleaning job the company wants to attract. For home cleaning, there are portable machines which perform very well. For providing service to large customers, there are large machines which can clean several thousand square feet at a time.

The vacuum cleaner will be the primary piece of used carpet cleaning equipment the business owner can purchase. Vacuuming the carpet before and after the cleaning process is vital to the final product.

The next area of consideration is what type of carpet cleaning is the used carpet cleaning equipment going to be used? There are two basic types of carpet cleaning, but there are many different names given to those processes. Mostly, they are marketing names to sound like the company is offering something the competitor is not.

Carpet shampooing is very popular. It requires a carpet shampoo and a buffer. Buffers are easily found as used carpet cleaning equipment. The buffer can be large or small in size. The primary difference the business owner will need to decide is what kind of pad will be used on the buffer to agitate the shampoo put on the carpet to clean the carpet fibers. There are disadvantages and advantages to this process, but that is not the purpose of this article.

The dry cleaning method is a popular method even though it is misnamed because there is a small amount of water used in this process. The equipment used here in addition to the vacuum cleaner is an agitating brush. This can be supplied by a buffer. The point is to work the product into the carpet so that the product can dislodge soil from the fibers of the carpet and be vacuumed up after a period of drying time.

The last professional method for carpet cleaning is the extraction method. This method uses a great deal of water and will require several hours for drying. However, depending on the size of the extracting machine used will determine the amount of drying time. The vacuum power on a larger extractor will pull more water out of the carpet, thus reducing the drying time.

The portable extracting machine can be the size of a vacuum cleaner up to 24″ long and 18″ in width. They are still portable, but they will clean a larger area than the smaller portable can. This is largely due to the amount of water they can carry. The other factor in extractor machines is whether they heat the water or not. Heated water will clean the fibers deeper and better than cold water. However, heating units are usually the parts which require maintenance more than those without heaters.

So, used carpet cleaning equipment is readily available in various locations. The internet is a good place to start. The disadvantage will be shipping costs. Contacting existing carpet cleaning companies may yield those companies wanting to upgrade their existing equipment and the new business owner may find used carpet cleaning equipment within his own community. Pawn shops may be another venue to locate used carpet cleaning equipment.

David has been writing articles for nearly 2 years. Come visit his latest website that helps people find the best carpet cleaning companies and the best carpet cleaning chemicals to use to help protect their carpet from unwanted germs.

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Satcom Direct offers SwiftBroadband bonding and aggregation service with Cobham SATCOM terminals for faster airborne data transfer rates

Shanghai, China (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

Bonding and aggregation allows customers to combine multiple Inmarsat SwiftBroadband streaming channels to achieve higher data rates for real-time communications applications. Customers with compatible Cobham equipment can now bond two to four channels of service, delivering speeds of up to 1.4mbps of throughput for aircraft with four-channel systems.

“Bonding aggregates two to four channels together, providing a larger data pipe,” said Satcom Direct’s Ken Bantoft, vice president of technologies and development. “Now higher data rate applications like video conferencing and streaming video are feasible globally for our customers using Cobham equipment with SwiftBroadband, without needing additional equipment to be installed.”

Satcom Direct worked with Cobham to deliver this capability to its customers, deploying ground equipment to facilitate the service. No additional equipment is required by the operator beyond the Cobham system and SwiftBroadband service.

“We are pleased to deliver a bonding solution that will specifically enhance streaming applications. Satcom Direct is the first service provider to take advantage of this and Cobham is very happy to support them in offering this new, high data rate service capability,” said Andy Beers, director of aeronautical sales at Cobham SATCOM.

About Satcom Direct

Satcom Direct is the leading provider of satellite voice and broadband data solutions for flight deck and cabin communications serving business, military, government, and heads of state aircraft. The company is a premier Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Iridium Service Partner, and ViaSat Yonder’s preferred reseller, supporting more than ninety percent of all corporate flight departments worldwide. Satcom Direct continues to advance its services through mobile applications and value adds – from flight deck datalink to cabin communications – making Satcom Direct the leader in aeronautical satcom service.

Satcom Direct’s headquarters and primary operations center is located in Satellite Beach, Florida, with additional office locations in the United States; Canada; Farnborough, UK; Dubai, UAE; Geneva, Switzerland; Hong Kong, PRC; Melbourne, Australia; Moscow, Russia and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

For more information regarding Satcom Direct, visit To view Satcom Direct’s portable satellite communication equipment and services, including satellite phones and BGAN units, visit, e-mail mobileops(AT), or call +1.321.777.0771.

Cobham SATCOM:

Cobham SATCOM develops, manufactures, sells and supports satellite and radio communication terminals and earth stations for land, marine and airborne applications. With the ever increasing demand for communication, our products and services are used to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of commercial, governmental and recreational applications.

Cobham SATCOM uses state-of-the-art technologies to design affordable, highly reliable high performance systems that have decreased over time in terms of size, weight and power consumption. Our products enable people to stay in touch under the most challenging and demanding conditions. When traditional communication technologies fail, Cobham SATCOM’s products will keep providing our customers with high quality voice, data, and multimedia communications.

Our product designs have evolved tremendously during their decades in service in use around the world in a variety of domains and environments. We market under the AVIATOR, EXPLORER™, SAILOR® and Sea Tel brands. Please refer to our websites for our list of global distributors and partners. Cobham SATCOM has design, development and manufacturing facilities in Denmark, South Africa and the USA.

For more information, visit

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Documentary Ideas for College Students.

Here are some ideas for a documentary:

-What goes into college tuition?
-What countries have better school systems? Why are they better? How does the U.S. compare?
-Is global warming man-made or not?
-Why is our school system failing, and what can we do to fix it?
-Why is the school system important?
-Does knowledge correlate with globalization?
-What’s missing from the national unemployment rate? For example, college students that never had a job aren’t counted in the unemployment rate because they never had a job.
-What’s wrong with resumes/the interviewing process?
-What makes a good teacher?
-What makes a bad teacher?
-Is it difficult to be healthy? How can you be a full-time student and exercise and eat well?
-Is technology is the classroom beneficial to students?
-Are social networking sites more harmful than helpful?
-Are grades an accurate portrayal of how well-educated a student is?
-How can someone become successful?
-How has music changed in the last decade?
-How have morals changed in the last decade?

Short documentary ideas for students


FOCUS FORWARD Short Films Big Ideas Evolution Videos for Students Evolving Ideas PBS quotCode Starsquot Short Film YouTube Disney Family Recipes Crafts and Activities EMP Museum Music Scifi Pop Culture Things to do with kids Get Ideas for Days Out with the Kids Caines Arcade A movie that became a movement to foster Watch the Best Short Films Short of the Week Videos for Kids National Geographic Kids Arts and Entertainment How To Information eHow Shop American Apparel Online Free Shipping for Orders Sundance Institute TED Ideas worth spreading Travel News Summer Holiday Ideas and Travel Guides MSN


short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 1
of vintage machines, vintage fabrics, textiles and class projects from students. “It’s controlled chaos — always,” she says.. perfect idea to make for my classroom, short wall to hid sewing machines, wow!! great idea for my sewing room!. Annabel and her students decorated the new, larger sewing studio, shown here; it’s located in downtown Warrenton. Classes range from sewing camps for boys. WHITE LAMP! I really like this idea. And the white desk as well.. short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 2
What color are you craving? I tell clients and students searching for color ideas to try a trick that many landscape painters use to make swift. heightened naturally. This is called synesthesia. Try tasting your way to ideas about color — and order more samples than you could possibly use. Be sure. love this shelving if we do the sink on the short side by the door. would like to see some ideas on designs to putting down a floor in a 9 by 10 foot room useing 7 inch wide. Idea for the pantry in Sable Ridge. by family, friends and showroom displays. Now is your chance to explore ideas that you have discussed and dreamed about.. short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 3
It is perfect for a high school student who has a lot of energy.. with a room width of 8′ and a counter depth of about 2′ the short “L” is about 6′. I love the idea of room under the counters to move around freely. It also gives the opinion. I have dark furniture I need ideas on what colors to paint the living room. In the florida house, . I like the idea of having something nice for a wall like so in either the mudroom or office. short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 4
short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 5
Interesting Idea for the Breakfast station. I like the idea of hiding the microwave behind a cabinet panel.. a very personal question but we are doing a house remodel and I love the ideas of this house, , can you give me a ball park figure of how much this whole. These look like concrete counters done by Cheng’s shop or one of their students. They are based in Berkley. Regards, Vincent Cathcart VC Studio Inc.. homeowners are savvy and want the most bang for their buck in the long and short term. Choosing ecofriendly appliances — particularly in the kitchen — can. short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 6
Idea for walls upstairs especially against building and staircase. Patio Idea For Hardy Q Barbecue. also eat/drink? Or is this area open to the public where everyone in their shorts and t-shirts can come get snack foods, etc.? Once you’ve answered this. hi! um an interior design student, i have this project that um working on it, african contemporary clubhouse, so on this project um targeting baseball. short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 7
the sectional is too large, but I like this idea. Loft ideas, Upstairs corridor ideas. scale, spatial relationships, tall short, etc.. Housing for students eight bedrooms, living area. short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 8
desk idea, good idea for a desk, Desk w/ short wall, Fun chair idea. 6. Clear your desk. If you do any work from home (or have a student in the house), now is the ideal time to tackle those piles of paper and. short-documentary-ideas-for-students screenshot 9
mailbox idea, mail box idea. for all accounts and subscriptions. Also consider making a short and sweet video documentary of your move to keep your friends and family posted.. all accounts and subscriptions. Also consider making a short and sweet video documentary of your move to keep your friends and family posted..